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2016-2017 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Resources

Academic Majors by School

School of the Arts and Humanities

Art & Design Department

Art Studio
Digital Graphic Design


Digital Media and Journalism
Electronic Publishing
Public Relations
Strategic Communication

English Department

English Education
Literature with Writing Emphasis

History Department

History/Social Studies
Social Studies Education

Modern/Classical Languages Department

Spanish Education

Music Department

Music Education (either Classroom & Instrumental or Classroom & Vocal Track)
Music Industry
Music Performance

Philosophy Department

IHM Seminary Philosophy

Theatre & Dance Department

Theatre (either Acting/Directing or Dance or Design/Technology or Musical Theatre or Theatre Studies Track)

Theology Department

Pastoral and Youth Ministry
Educational Studies - Religious Education

School of Business

Business Department

Business Intelligence and Analytics
International Business
Sport Management

Social Science Department

Criminal Justice (either Corrections or Law Enforcement Track)
Global Studies
Human Services
Political Science
Social Science

School of Education

Education Department

Elementary Education

(Grades K-6 with optional 5-8 Endorsements in English, Math, Science, Social Science and World Language Spanish K-8)

Secondary Education

(Grades 5-12: Life Science Education, Chemistry Science Education, English Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Spanish Education K-12, Music Education Classroom & Instrumental K-12, Music Education Classroom & Vocal K-12, and Physics Science Education - see departments by discipline)

Educational Studies

(Non-licensure major with concentrations in: Religious Education, Child and Family Contexts, Youth Development and Leadership, and Adult Learning Contexts)

John C. Parmer School of Sciences

Biology Department

Environmental Biology
Life Sciences Education
Allied Health Majors:

Biology Pre-Cytotechnology
Biology Pre-Echocardiography
Biology Pre-Medical Laboratory Science
Biology Pre-Nuclear Medicine Technology
Biology Pre-Physical Therapy
Biology Pre-Radiography

Chemistry Department

Chemistry Science Education

Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Department

Actuarial Science
Computer Data Science 
Mathematics Education

Physics Department

Physics with an Engineering Science Emphasis
Physics with a Life Science Emphasis
Physics Science Education

Psychology Department



Individualized Major

An individually designed major study program must be significantly different from a catalog major offering. It must have a focal point or unifying factor different from present departmental majors. It may not be a subfield of a current major offering. It may not be a current major offering with one or two courses added or subtracted.

An individualized major must represent significant time applied to courses united by the special focus of that program and must include at least 39 credits. Approximately half of the required courses should be upper-division. Approval must be obtained from the chair of each academic department from which three or more courses and/or upper-division courses will be taken. Also, the major must be approved by the vice president for academic affairs.

As with departmental majors, individualized majors should be declared before the junior year. This major option should not be considered or designed after a student has earned 95 credits. Once approved, an individualized major program cannot be changed without the approval of the vice president for academic affairs and the appropriate department chair(s). No courses listed in the original individualized major and subsequently taken by the student may be changed or deleted from the major.

Students should note that the approval of an individually designed major study program does not exempt the student from any university graduation requirement other than the requirement to complete a catalog major. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that all other graduation requirements are met.

Student Success Center

Esther Perález, Dean

Dr. Esther Perález, Dean

The Student Success Center (SSC) serves as an important access point for all students at Saint Mary’s University who want to reach their academic and personal potential.  The SSC cultivates and promotes students’ development by providing support through a wide range of resources.  Students use these resources – including services in academic advising, learning assistance, disabilities, writing services, and career services and internships – to build the knowledge and skill sets they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.  The SSC acts as a vital and dynamic place on campus where professional staff members and peers support, mentor, and guide students along their academic journey.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with, and to take advantage of, these resources throughout their four years of college experience.

Academic Advising

Anne Thurmer, Student Success Specialist/Student Transitions

Bethany Mota, Student Success Specialist/Academic Advising

The academic advising staff works closely with faculty advisors, learning services, writing services, career services and internships, disability services, student life, and the athletic department to provide a comprehensive learning experience for all students.  Advisors assist students with:

  • Scheduling courses
  • Declaring a major
  • Evaluating completion of general education or major requirements
  • Developing academic success strategies
  • Participating in success initiatives
  • Serving as a referral person to appropriate offices on campus


Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors participate in the advising program as first-year student advisors and/or major advisors.  Faculty advisors are full-time faculty members who are familiar with courses, majors, and programs and who serve as a valuable resource for students.  They assist students in:

  • Planning their course schedules
  • Developing an academic plan and education goals
  • Assessing academic progress
  • Helping  with other college related concerns
  • Serving as a referral person to appropriate offices on campus  

Career Services & Internships and Field Exploration

Michael Hagarty, Director

Career Services & Internships serves as an essential link between students and their educational and professional goals.  Through Career Services, students develop a general perspective of life/work planning.  Through Internship and Field Exploration programs, students participate in work experiences related to their career choices.  Services available to students include:

  • Facilitating career and major exploration
  • Crafting an individualized 4-year career development plan
  • Providing information on internships, field exploration, and employment opportunities
  • Preparing students for the job search (resumes, cover letters, and interview skills)
  • Offering graduate school advising and alumni connections

Disability Services

Karen Hemker, Director

Disability Support Services provides specific accommodations to qualified students who have met documentation requirements.  Students are responsible for furnishing disability documentation and requesting accommodations to the director of disability services.  Qualified students may receive assistance with:

  • Alternate format textbooks
  • Assistive technology
  • Peer note takers
  • Testing accommodations
  • Liaison with faculty as needed

Learning Assistance

Joseph Dulak, Director

Learning Services provides students with the tools necessary to become self-directed learners.  Through peer to peer interactions, students receive academic tutoring in most subject areas, learn study skills and strategies, and participate in workshops that guide the learning process.  Services available to students include:

  • Weekly tutoring, drop-in tutoring, and by appointment tutoring
  • Academic counseling for assistance with study skills and strategies
  • Skills-based courses

Writing Services

Peggy Johnson, Director

In its effort to advance language knowledge and writing proficiency on campus, Writing Services offers direct assistance to students in creating, developing, revising, and editing their written documents.  A broad range of writing initiatives provides students with opportunities to practice writing, to write for different audiences and purposes, and to revise their writing so that students learn how to improve writing weaknesses and further develop their writing strengths.  Writing support is offered through a variety of venues:

  • Individual tutoring with a trained peer tutor
  • Direct classroom assistance on writing assignments
  • Weekly tutoring sessions on specific writing issues
  • Input on course assignments, with attention to scaffolding, critical thinking, and clarity

International Programs

Tracy Lehnertz, Associate Dean

International Programs includes the Study Abroad Office and the International Center, along with support of operations with Christ the Teacher Institute for Education (CTIE) located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Study Abroad

Mitch Lawson, Director

The Study Abroad Office encourages students to incorporate international study into their academic plans.  Staff of the study abroad office is available to assist students during all stages of the study abroad experience, which includes exploring various options, applying to a program, preparing for international study and returning to campus.  More information on study abroad offerings is included in the International Studies section.

International Center

Maria Garza-Cienfuengos, Director of International Student Services

Rebecca Vogel, Director of De La Salle Language Institute

The International Center is home to the De La Salle Language Institute and International Student Services.  The De La Salle Language Institute (DLI) provides English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework, supports specialized advising for ESL and matriculated international students, and facilitates the English Language Bridging Program.  More information on the De La Salle Language Institute can be found on page 86.  International Student Services provides specialized support and activities for all international students on the Winona campus, including those in DLI.  The programming includes the following areas of focus: welcome and orientation of new international students; immigration services for students and exchange visitors; assistance in adjustment to life in the United Sates, on the Saint Mary’s campus and in the Winona community; opportunities for students to share their culture and knowledge with the campus and local community; educational, cultural, and social activities for international students; and advocacy of international students to others on campus and in the Winona community.