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2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Organizational Leadership (Masters)

   •  OL654 Strategy and Innovation (3cr.)
   •  OL655 Capstone Symposium (3cr.)

Philanthropy & Development (Masters)

   •  PHDE607 Introduction to Philanthropy and Development (3cr.)
   •  PHDE611 Ethics in Philanthropy and Development (1cr.)
   •  PHDE613 Globalization of Philanthropy (2cr.)
   •  PHDE616 Leadership Skills (2cr.)
   •  PHDE622 Foundations of Development (3cr.)
   •  PHDE624 Board Governance (3cr.)
   •  PHDE634 Strategic Giving (3cr.)
   •  PHDE643 Synthesizing Seminar 1 (2cr.)
   •  PHDE644 Synthesizing Seminar 2 (2cr.)
   •  PHDE647 Strategic Planning (3cr.)
   •  PHDE660 Fundraising Communications (3cr.)
   •  PHDE661 Leadership: Legal and Ethical Issues in Nonprofit Organizations (3cr.)
   •  PHDE662 Program Assessment and Evaluation (3cr.)
   •  PHDE698 Capstone (3cr.)

Police Science (Bachelors)

   •  PSCI302 Demographic Influences on Policing (3cr.)
   •  PSCI303 Application of Rules of Evidence (3cr.)
   •  PSCI305 Criminal Justice Statistics (3cr.)
   •  PSCI306 Police Officer Wellness (3cr.)
   •  PSCI307 Workplace Violence: Prevention and Response (3cr.)
   •  PSCI308 Forensic Science in Crime Scene Investigation (3cr.)
   •  PSCI310 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (3cr.)
   •  PSCI400 21st Century Policing (3cr.)
   •  PSCI401 Police Ethics (3cr.)
   •  PSCI402 Emerging Techniques and Technologies of Policing (3cr.)
   •  PSCI403 Police Management and Leadership (3cr.)
   •  PSCI405 Violence as a Culture (3cr.)
   •  PSCI407 Criminal Justice and the Media (3cr.)
   •  PSCI409 Violent Crimes Against the Person (3cr.)
   •  PSCI410 Police Instructor Development (3cr.)
   •  PSCI411 Crimes Against the Family (3cr.)
   •  PSCI412 Gangs in America (3cr.)
   •  PSCI413 Legal Issues for Law Enforcement Leaders (3cr.)
   •  PSCI414 Federal Law Enforcement Systems (3cr.)
   •  PSCI415 Special Investigations (3cr.)
   •  PSCI416 Emergency Management Principles (3cr.)
   •  PSCI420 Peace Officer Bill of Rights (3cr.)
   •  PSCI421 Supervision (3cr.)
   •  PSCI422 Career Survival Through Total Fitness (3cr.)
   •  PSCI423 Strategic Policing (3cr.)
   •  PSCI424 Forensic Photography (3cr.)
   •  PSCI425 Violence in American Society (3cr.)
   •  PSCI490 Police Science Capstone (3cr.)

Psychology (Bachelors)

   •  HHSM375 Counseling Theory and Skills (3cr.)
   •  PSY230 Abnormal Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY317 Lifespan Development (3cr.)
   •  PSY320 Research Methods & Statistics (3cr.)
   •  PSY329 Social Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY330 Childhood and Adolescent Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY335 Evolutionary Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY340 Brain, Behavior, and Health (3cr.)
   •  PSY344 Psychology of Gender (3cr.)
   •  PSY345 Psychology of Human Sexuality (3cr.)
   •  PSY350 Cognitive Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY355 Psychology of Religion (3cr.)
   •  PSY359 Multicultural Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY360 Forensic Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY370 Educational Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY449 Personality Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY450 Animal Assisted Therapy (3cr.)
   •  PSY455 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (3cr.)
   •  PSY460 Individual and Group Counseling (3cr.)
   •  PSY465 Psychology of Aging (3cr.)
   •  PSY466 Psychology of Death and Dying (3cr.)
   •  PSY472 Psychology of Trauma (3cr.)
   •  PSY480 Organizational Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY489 History and Systems of Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSY490 Psychology Field Experience (3cr.)

Project Management (Masters)

   •  PRM600 Fundamentals of Project Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM601 Project Planning and Scheduling (3cr.)
   •  PRM606 Global Project Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM607 Project Management Portfolio & Program Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM611 Technical Communication (3cr.)
   •  PRM612 Project Leadership Team and Stakeholder Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM613 Project Integration and Quality Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM614 Project Risk Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM615 Project Procurement and Cost Management (3cr.)
   •  PRM616 Earned Value Management for Project Managers (3cr.)
   •  PRM620 Project Leadership in Agile Environments (3cr.)
   •  PRM650 Project Management for IT Professionals (3cr.)
   •  PRM689 Project Management Capstone (3cr.)

Public Administration (Masters)

   •  MAPA600 Public and Nonprofit Administration (3cr.)
   •  MAPA605 Leading with Effective Communications (3cr.)
   •  MAPA610 Leading in Diverse Public Environments (3cr.)
   •  MAPA615 Community Engagement and Partnerships (3cr.)
   •  MAPA620 Managing Public Finances (3cr.)
   •  MAPA625 Nonprofit Fund Development and Financial Management (3cr.)
   •  MAPA630 Public Human Resource Management (3cr.)
   •  MAPA635 Nonprofit Human Resource Management (3cr.)
   •  MAPA640 Critical and Design Thinking (3cr.)
   •  MAPA645 Effective Strategic Leadership (3cr.)
   •  MAPA650 The Practice of Ethics (3cr.)
   •  MAPA655 Principles of Policy (3cr.)
   •  MAPA660 Inquiry and Data Analysis (3cr.)
   •  MAPA690 Capstone: Integrating the Capacities (3cr.)

Public Health (Bachelors)

   •  BPH300 Human Biology (3cr.)
   •  BPH400 Foundations of Public Health (3cr.)
   •  BPH405 Measurement and Statistics for Health Professionals (3cr.)
   •  BPH410 Introduction to Epidemiology (3cr.)

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