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2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Public Health (Bachelors)

   •  BPH415 Health Policy and Ethics (3cr.)
   •  BPH425 Principles of Population Health and Disease (3cr.)
   •  BPH430 Community and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3cr.)
   •  BPH435 Public Health Communication (3cr.)
   •  BPH440 Introduction to Public Health Program Planning and Development (3cr.)
   •  BPH445 Introduction to Public Health Program Implementation and Evaluation (3cr.)
   •  BPH490 Applied Public Health Experience-Capstone (3cr.)

Public Safety Administration (Masters)

   •  PSA600 Public Safety Systems (3cr.)
   •  PSA605 Community Relations (3cr.)
   •  PSA610 Risk Management in Public Safety (3cr.)
   •  PSA615 Homeland Security and Emergency Management Principles (3cr.)
   •  PSA620 Public Sector Finance (3cr.)
   •  PSA625 Managing Public Safety Resources (3cr.)
   •  PSA630 Public Safety in Schools (3cr.)
   •  PSA640 Public Safety Psychology (3cr.)
   •  PSA680 Public Safety Administration Field Experience (3cr.)
   •  PSA689 Public Safety Capstone (3cr.)

Special Education (Masters)

   •  EDSE600 Orientation (0cr.)
   •  EDSE607 Literacy Development and Interventions (3cr.)
   •  EDSE631 Foundations of Special Education (3cr.)
   •  EDSE632 Survey of Learners with Exceptionalities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE633 Reading, Language Arts, and Children’s Literature Methods (4cr.)
   •  EDSE634 Assistive Technology, Instruction, & Interventions (3cr.)
   •  EDSE635 Behavior Theories (3cr.)
   •  EDSE636 Assessment & Evaluation of Learners with Exceptionalities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE637 The IEP Process (3cr.)
   •  EDSE638 Transition and Collaboration (3cr.)
   •  EDSE639 Social Emotional Learning and Well-Being (3cr.)
   •  EDSE641 Characteristics: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (3cr.)
   •  EDSE642 Strategies and Assessment: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (3cr.)
   •  EDSE646 Assessment and Application: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (3cr.)
   •  EDSE647 Introduction to Behavioral Theories: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (3cr.)
   •  EDSE648 Applied Behavioral Interventions: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (3cr.)
   •  EDSE651 Characteristics: Learning Disabilities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE652 Strategies and Assessment: Learning Disabilities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE656 Assessment and Application: Learning Disabilities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE657 Advanced Instruction and Methods: Learning Disabilities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE658 Adolescence to Post-Secondary: Learning Disabilities (3cr.)
   •  EDSE661 Characteristics: Autism Spectrum Disorder (3cr.)
   •  EDSE662 Strategies and Assessment: Autism Spectrum Disorder (3cr.)
   •  EDSE663 Assessment and Application: Autism Spectrum Disorder (3cr.)
   •  EDSE667 Introduction to Behavioral Theories: Autism Spectrum Disorder (3cr.)
   •  EDSE668 Applied Behavioral Interventions: Autism Spectrum Disorder (3cr.)
   •  EDSE681 EBD/LD Practicum 1 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE682 EBD/LD Practicum 2 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE683 EBD/LD Practicum 3 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE684 ASD Practicum 1 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE685 ASD Practicum 2 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE686 ASD Practicum 3 (1cr.)
   •  EDSE688 Clinical Field Experience (0cr.)
   •  EDSE689 Field Experience for Practicing Educators (6cr.)
   •  EDSE690 Professional Capstone/Portfolio (2cr.)
   •  EDSE698 Research Methods (3cr.)
   •  EDSE699 Action Research (3cr.)

Teaching and Learning (Masters)

   •  MED615 Becoming a Community of Learners (4cr.)
   •  MED616 Applying Social Emotional Learning and Principles of Community (2cr.)
   •  MED625 Developing Principles for Practice (4cr.)
   •  MED626 Applying Principles for Practice (2cr.)
   •  MED635 Research and Design (4cr.)
   •  MED636 Applying Rearch to Design (2cr.)
   •  MED645 Integrating Principles of Design into Practice (4cr.)
   •  MED646 Application of Research and Design (2cr.)
   •  MED655 Becoming a Teacher Leader (4cr.)
   •  MED656 Applying Principles of Leadership (2cr.)

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