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2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Educational Administration (Specialist)

   •  EDS799 Exit Assessment Meeting and Capstone Presentation (0cr.)

Educational Leadership (Masters)

   •  EL600 Orientation and Writing Assessment (0cr.)
   •  EL602 Facilitation Through Communication (3cr.)
   •  EL603 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3cr.)
   •  EL613 Fundamentals of Management (3cr.)
   •  EL622 Supervision (3cr.)
   •  EL623 Curriculum and Instruction (3cr.)
   •  EL630 Educational Research (3cr.)
   •  EL633 Ethics and Law (3cr.)
   •  EL634 Action Research Project (3cr.)
   •  EL651 Educational Information Literacy (1cr.)
   •  EL652 Adult Learning (3cr.)
   •  EL661 Administration and Assessment (1cr.)
   •  EL662 Promoting Change (3cr.)
   •  EL670 Multicultural Leadership and Team Building (3cr.)
   •  EL671 Leadership Roles of Activities Directors (1cr.)
   •  EL673 Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (1cr.)
   •  EL681 Learning in Adulthood (1cr.)
   •  EL682 Student Affairs Leadership in Higher Education (2cr.)
   •  EL691 Charter School Leadership (1cr.)
   •  EL699 Project Presentation and Exit Interview (0cr.)

English as a Second Language (Masters)

   •  ESL560 Student Teaching (6cr.)
   •  ESL570 International Student Teaching (6cr.)
   •  ESL600 Foundations of Language and Literacy Development (1-3cr.)
   •  ESL601 Second Language Acquisition (3cr.)
   •  ESL602 Language and Culture (3cr.)
   •  ESL603 Reading Instruction for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners (1-3cr.)
   •  ESL605 Reflective Language Teaching (3cr.)
   •  ESL606 Methods Instruction for English Language Learners (3cr.)
   •  ESL607 School and Community Collaborations for English Language Learners (3cr.)
   •  ESL608 Writing Instruction (3cr.)
   •  ESL614 Contemporary Immigrant Literature (1cr.)
   •  ESL617 Researching Critical Issues of English Language Learners (2cr.)
   •  ESL618 Research Paper and Presentation (2cr.)
   •  ESL620 International Perspectives and Principles of Second Language Teaching (3cr.)

English Specialization

   •  E600 Ways of Reading (3cr.)
   •  E605 The Text in Focus (3cr.)
   •  E610 Authors and Authorship (3cr.)
   •  E615 Literature in English from Around the Globe (3cr.)
   •  E620 Literatures of the United States (3cr.)
   •  E625 Ways of Writing (3cr.)

General Education (Bachelors)

   •  GN330 Arts and Social Change (3cr.)
   •  GN350 Humanities Studies: The Global Roots of Our American Identity (3cr.)
   •  GN380 Contemporary Environmental Issues (3cr.)
   •  PSY315 General Psychology (3cr.)

Geographic Information Science (Masters)

   •  GIS605 GIS Methods (3cr.)
   •  GIS608 Internet Mapping (3cr.)
   •  GIS619 Statistical Analysis (3cr.)
   •  GIS632 Programming Principles (3cr.)
   •  GIS636 Advanced Research Methods (3cr.)
   •  GIS642 Database Design and Administration (3cr.)
   •  GIS645 Project Management (3cr.)
   •  GIS656 Spatial Data Collection (3cr.)
   •  GIS663 Advanced Modeling and Analysis (3cr.)
   •  GIS670 Advanced GIS and Imagery Analysis (3cr.)
   •  GIS671 GIS Customization (3cr.)
   •  GIS672 GeoDesign (3cr.)
   •  GIS673 GIS Legal Fundamentals (3cr.)
   •  GIS674 Location Analytics (3cr.)
   •  GIS675 Graduate Project Completion (0cr.)
   •  GIS693 Graduate Project I (3cr.)
   •  GIS694 Graduate Project II (3cr.)

Gifted and Talented Instruction (Masters)

   •  GESP600 Foundations of Gifted Inclusive Education (3cr.)
   •  GESP601 Developing Gifted Learners (3cr.)
   •  GESP602 Instructional Design for Gifted Inclusiveness (3cr.)
   •  GESP603 Creative Application of Gifted Inclusive Education (3cr.)
   •  GESP604 Leadership in Gifted Inclusive Education (3cr.)

Health and Human Services Administration (Masters)

   •  HS612 Health Informatics and Application (3cr.)
   •  HS658 Human Resources in the Health and Human Services Sectors (3cr.)
   •  HS662 Financial Practices in the Health and Human Services Sectors (3cr.)
   •  HS671 Human Services Systems (3cr.)
   •  HS672 Health Systems (3cr.)
   •  HS698 Capstone (3cr.)
   •  HS710 Advanced Research, Writing, and Communication (3cr.)
   •  HS711 Finance for Health Services Administrators (3cr.)
   •  HS712 Health and Human Service Systems (3cr.)
   •  HS713 Aging, Illness, and the Continuum of Care (3cr.)
   •  HS715 Advanced Health Policy and Ethics (3cr.)
   •  HS716 Health and Human Service Administration (3cr.)
   •  HS717 Health Sector Quality and Performance Improvement (3cr.)
   •  HS720 Strategic Health and Human Services Leadership (3cr.)
   •  HS730 Health Services Executive Practicum 1 (2cr.)
   •  HS731 Health Services Executive Practicum 2 (2cr.)
   •  HS732 Health Services Executive Practicum Completion (0cr.)
   •  HS735 Administrator in Training 1 (2cr.)
   •  HS736 Administrator in Training 2 (2cr.)
   •  HS740 Clinical Practicum 1 (1cr.)
   •  HS741 Clinical Practicum 2 (1cr.)
   •  HS742 Clinical Practicum 3 (1cr.)
   •  HS743 Clinical Practicum 4 (1cr.)
   •  HS745 Field Experience 1 (2cr.)
   •  HS746 Field Experience 2 (2cr.)
   •  HS747 Health Sector Leadership Initiative and Analysis 1 (2cr.)
   •  HS748 Health Sector Leadership Initiative and Analysis 2 (2cr.)
   •  HS750 Nursing Home Practicum 1 (200-250 hours) (1cr.)
   •  HS751 Nursing Home Practicum 2 (250 hours) (1cr.)
   •  HS752 Nursing Home Practicum 3 (250 hours) (1cr.)
   •  HS753 Nursing Home Practicum 4 (250 hours) (1cr.)

Healthcare and Human Services Management (Bachelors)

   •  HHSMXXX Graduate Level Electives (-cr.)
   •  HHSM317 Lifespan Psychology (3cr.)

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