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2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Healthcare and Human Services Management (Bachelors)

   •  HHSM405 Healthcare Information Management (3cr.)
   •  HHSM420 The U.S. Healthcare System (3cr.)
   •  HHSM430 Quality and Performance Improvement for Service Providers (3cr.)

Human Development (Masters)

   •  HD511 Authentic and Courageous Leadership (2cr.)
   •  HD512 Engagement and Motivation in the Workplace (2cr.)
   •  HD513 Confronting Personal Mortality (2cr.)
   •  HD514 Emotional Intelligence: A Reflective Experience in Self Awareness (2cr.)
   •  HD515 Storytelling and Myth (2cr.)
   •  HD517 Purpose, Meaning, and Uncertainty (2cr.)
   •  HD565 The Use of Ritual to Celebrate Life (1cr.)
   •  HD568 Designing Corporate Training (2cr.)
   •  HD573 Creative Leadership Development (2cr.)
   •  HD585 Meditation (1cr.)
   •  HD596 Creating Optimal Healing Environments (1cr.)
   •  HD603 Therapeutic Use of Imagery for Psychological and Spiritual Growth (1cr.)
   •  HD604 Telling Our Story: Memoir (1cr.)
   •  HD629 Exploring Spiritual Life through Literature (1cr.)
   •  HD633 Many Faces of Art: A Psychological Perspective (2cr.)
   •  HD635 Getting Published (1cr.)
   •  HD636 Coaching and Team Building: Applying Human Develop (1cr.)
   •  HD647 Introduction to Transpersonal Body Therapy (1cr.)
   •  HD671 Women’s Self-Esteem and Spirituality (2cr.)
   •  HD681 Creativity and Holistic Health (2cr.)
   •  HD690 The Process of Human Development (2cr.)
   •  HD691 Ethics and Social Responsibility (1cr.)
   •  HD693 Psychological Transformation and the Spiritual Journey (1cr.)
   •  HD694 Emerging Trends in Holistic Health (2cr.)
   •  HD695 Children of Addiction (1cr.)
   •  HD698 Writing a Position Paper (1cr.)
   •  HD702 Knowing What You Know (1cr.)
   •  HD703 The Energy of Conflict Resolution (1cr.)
   •  HD704 Creating Ceremonies to Celebrate Life–at Home and at Work (1cr.)
   •  HD706 The Spiritual Life of Family (2cr.)
   •  HD707 The Versatile Image: Imagery for Symptom Reduction, Personality Integration, and Spiritual Development (2cr.)
   •  HD708 Mid-life Career Makeover (2cr.)
   •  HD709 The Art and Science of Problem Solving (2cr.)
   •  HD715 Cross-Cultural Ritual (2cr.)
   •  HD717 Grief and Loss (2cr.)
   •  HD719 Building a Consulting Practice (2cr.)
   •  HD720 Reengaging our Relationship with Conflict (1cr.)
   •  HD723 Igniting Innovation in Your Organization (1cr.)
   •  HD725 Transpersonal Bodywork (2cr.)
   •  HD726 Spirituality, Food, and Body Acceptance (2cr.)
   •  HD730 Eastern Movement and Philosophy (2cr.)
   •  HD732 Human Development and Spirituality in Coaching and Teambuilding (2cr.)
   •  HD734 The Art and Practice of Executive Coaching (2cr.)
   •  HD760 International Seminar in Guyana (3cr.)
   •  HD761 Seminar in Guyana (1cr.)
   •  PY683 Theory & Applications of Sport Psychology (1cr.)

Human Resources (Bachelors)

   •  HRxxx Elective Choices (cr.)
   •  HR340 Strategic Human Resource Management (3cr.)
   •  HR370 Employee Rewards and Recognition Systems (3cr.)
   •  HR380 Employee Engagement (3cr.)
   •  HR440 Employee and Labor Relations (3cr.)
   •  HR455 Human Resource Development (3cr.)

Human Resource Management (Masters)

   •  HRM601 Human Resource Management Strategy (3cr.)
   •  HRM602 Organizational Measurement and Assessment Issues in Human Resources (3cr.)
   •  HRM604 Developing Human Capital (3cr.)
   •  HRM606 Employment Law (3cr.)
   •  HRM609 Labor Relations (3cr.)
   •  HRM611 Globalization and Diversity (3cr.)
   •  HRM613 Total Reward Systems (3cr.)
   •  HRM614 Internal Consulting in Human Resources (3cr.)
   •  HRM689 Human Resource Management Capstone (3cr.)

Human Services (Bachelors)

   •  HHSM301 Human Service Systems (3cr.)
   •  HHSM302 Writing in the Health Professions (3cr.)
   •  HHSM303 Communicating in the Health Professions (3cr.)
   •  HHSM310 Care Management for Human Service Professionals (3cr.)
   •  HHSM320 Public Policy Issues in Health and Human Services (3cr.)
   •  HHSM325 Cultural Competency for Health and Human Service Professionals (3cr.)
   •  HHSM330 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health and Human Services (3cr.)
   •  HHSM490 Health and Human Services Capstone (3cr.)

Information Technology (Bachelors)

   •  IT301 Information Technology Perspectives (3cr.)
   •  IT302 Networks and Telecommunications (3cr.)
   •  IT303 Data and Database Management Systems (3cr.)
   •  IT304 Business Fundamentals for IT Professionals (3cr.)
   •  IT305 Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals (3cr.)
   •  IT309 Information Ethics (3cr.)
   •  IT312 Emerging Trends in Business Technology (3cr.)
   •  IT415 Leveraging Mobile Technologies (3cr.)
   •  IT432 Advanced Information Security Tools and Methods (3cr.)
   •  IT434 Information Security II (3cr.)
   •  IT438 Advanced Computer Forensics (3cr.)
   •  IT440 Business Intelligence Fundamentals (3cr.)
   •  IT441 Applied Business Analytics (3cr.)
   •  IT457 Cloud Computing Fundamentals (3cr.)
   •  IT458 Advanced Cloud Computing Techniques (3cr.)
   •  IT490 Bachelor of Science Completion Capstone (3cr.)

Information Technology Management (Masters)

   •  ITM600 ITM Orientation (0cr.)
   •  ITM605 Business Intelligence for IT Professionals (3cr.)
   •  ITM606 Business Driven Information Technology (3cr.)
   •  ITM607 Enterprise Architecture for Managers (3cr.)
   •  ITM608 Technology Portfolio Management (3cr.)
   •  ITM609 Strategic Planning for Technologists (3cr.)
   •  ITM611 Academic and Technical Communications (3cr.)
   •  ITM615 Managing Technology Teams (3cr.)
   •  ITM631 Enterprise Security for Managers (3cr.)
   •  ITM632 Mobile Technology Management Strategies for the Enterprise (3cr.)
   •  ITM635 Emerging Technology Seminar (3cr.)
   •  ITM643 Technology Leadership and Communication Approaches (3cr.)

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