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2017-2018 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions



   •  E328 Professional Communication
   •  E329 Poetry Writing
   •  E330 British Restoration and 18th Century Literature
   •  E331 The Romantics and Their World
   •  E333 Shakespeare
   •  E340-345 Special Topics in English
   •  E351 British Modernism: Its Origin and Its Ends
   •  E352 The Edge of Empire
   •  E360 Literature on Location
   •  E370 Literature in Evolution
   •  E373 Post-Colonial Fictions
   •  E381 The Adventures of the Writer in World Literature
   •  E383 Geographies of Identity
   •  E390 Women's Narrative
   •  E391 African American Perspectives
   •  E410-419 Special Topics in English
   •  E425 Writing in the First Person
   •  E452 Critical Approaches to Literature
   •  E470-479 Seminars in English
   •  E490 Senior Thesis
   •  E497 Internship

English Language Bridging

   •  ELB100 Academic Oral Communication Enrichment
   •  ELB110 English Grammar for Academic Enhancement
   •  ELB116 Critical Academic Reading Strategies

English as a Second Language

   •  ESL001, 002, 003 ESL Language Experience
   •  ESL010 Pronunciation and Listening I
   •  ESL011 Pronunciation and Listening II
   •  ESL020 TOEFL I
   •  ESL021 TOEFL II
   •  ESL030 Customs and Culture of the U.S.A. I
   •  ESL031 Customs and Culture of the U.S.A. II
   •  ESL035 Public Speaking I
   •  ESL036 Public Speaking II
   •  ESL050 Beginning Reading Writing and Vocabulary I
   •  ESL051 Beginning Reading Writing and Vocabulary II
   •  ESL065 Intermediate Reading, Writing and Vocabulary I
   •  ESL066 Intermediate Reading, Writing and Vocabulary II
   •  ESL068 Beginning Grammar I
   •  ESL069 Beginning Grammar II
   •  ESL075 Intermediate Grammar I
   •  ESL076 Intermediate Grammar II
   •  ESL080 Beginning Conversation I
   •  ESL081 Beginning Conversation II
   •  ESL085 Intermediate Conversation I
   •  ESL086 Intermediate Conversation II
   •  ESL095 Research Writing
   •  ESL098 Fiction I
   •  ESL099 Fiction II


   •  FN101 Personal Finance
   •  FN341 Corporate Finance
   •  FN345 Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Business
   •  FN368 Investments
   •  FN402 Financial Markets and Institutions
   •  FN404 Portfolio Management
   •  FN408 Financial Planning

Geographic Information Science

   •  GIS305 GIS Methods
   •  GIS308 Internet Mapping
   •  GIS332 Programming Principles
   •  GIS342 Database Design and Administration
   •  GIS356 Spatial Data Methodology
   •  GIS370 Advanced GIS and Image Analysis
   •  GIS490/491 GIS Capstone Project
   •  GIS496/497 Internship


   •  GE305 Introduction to Geography

Global Studies

   •  GS489 Thesis Development
   •  GS490 Research in Global Studies


   •  GK101 Beginning Greek I
   •  GK102 Beginning Greek II


   •  H111 Global History to 1500
   •  H112 Global History since 1500
   •  H113 U.S. History to 1865
   •  H114 U.S. History since 1865
   •  H151 American History for Education Majors
   •  H165 Art, History and Theology in the Italian Renaissance: A Travel Course
   •  H270 Historical Thinking
   •  H298 Field Exploration 1
   •  H303 From Republic to Empire: Rome
   •  H305 Race, Slavery, and Revolution in the Atlantic World
   •  H308 From the Constitution to the Civil War
   •  H311 U.S. Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
   •  H315 American–East Asian Relations
   •  H317 History of Latin America
   •  H318 The Ottoman empire
   •  H319 The History of the Palestinian- Israeli Conflict
   •  H321 From Romanitas to Vikings: The Early Middle Ages
   •  H322 The Age of Holy War and Reason: The High Middle Ages
   •  H332 Art, Assassination, and the Individual: The Renaissance
   •  H333 The Destruction of Christian Unity: The Reformation
   •  H335 American Environmental History
   •  H340-349 Selected Topics
   •  H355 U.S. Women's History
   •  H357 The History of Rock and Roll
   •  H365 Witches, Revolution, and Reason: Early Modern Europe
   •  H366 From Revolution to World War: Modern Europe 1789–1914
   •  H367 Europe in the Era of World War 1914–1945
   •  H370 Research and Writing
   •  H380 Imperial Russia
   •  H381 Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary Russia
   •  H390 Modern China
   •  H391 Chinese and Chinese–American Films as Cultural Makers

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