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2019-2020 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2019-2020 SGPP Catalog and Handbook

Course Descriptions


Accounting (Graduate)

   •  ACCT500 Auditing (3cr.)
   •  ACCT505 Business Taxation (3cr.)
   •  ACCT510 Intermediate Accounting (3cr.)
   •  ACCT600 Financial Communication (3cr.)
   •  ACCT610 Leadership and Ethics (3cr.)
   •  ACCT620 Accounting Information Systems (3cr.)
   •  ACCT630 Advanced Audit and Internal Controls (3cr.)
   •  ACCT640 Nonprofit and Government Accounting (3cr.)
   •  ACCT650 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Analysis (3cr.)
   •  ACCT660 Strategic Management Accounting (3cr.)
   •  ACCT670 Taxation and Business Decisions (3cr.)
   •  ACCT680 Contemporary and Emerging Issues (3cr.)
   •  ACCT690 Master’s Capstone (3cr.)

Accounting (Bachelors)

   •  AC301 Financial Accounting Principles (3cr.)
   •  AC302 Managerial Accounting Principles (3cr.)
   •  AC303 Intermediate Accounting I (3cr.)
   •  AC305 Intermediate Accounting II (3cr.)
   •  AC308 Individual Taxation (3cr.)
   •  AC310 Business Taxation (3cr.)
   •  AC315 Cost Accounting (3cr.)
   •  AC400 Advanced Accounting (3cr.)
   •  AC405 Auditing (3cr.)
   •  AC410 Corporate Finance (3cr.)
   •  AC415 International Accounting (3cr.)
   •  AC420 Forensic Accounting and Auditing (3cr.)
   •  AC490 Strategic Management Capstone (3cr.)
   •  AC/BUXXX Elective Choices (3cr.)

Addiction Studies (Graduate)

   •  ADS551 Historical and Contemporary Foundations of Addiction Theories (2cr.)
   •  ADS552 Applied Research and Evaluation in Addictions (2cr.)
   •  ADS553 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Addiction Services (2cr.)
   •  ADS554 Psychopharmacology and Psychophysiology in Addiction Disorders (2cr.)
   •  ADS555 Multicultural Aspects of Addiction (2cr.)
   •  ADS556 Diagnosis and Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders (3cr.)
   •  ADS557 Families & Addictive Related Issues Across the Lifespan (2cr.)
   •  ADS558 Individual & Group Counseling & Case Management (3cr.)
   •  ADS590 Practicum I (2cr.)
   •  ADS591 Practicum II (2cr.)
   •  ADS592 Practicum Completion Seminar (0cr.)
   •  ADS714 Counseling and Psychological Services and Addiction Studies Practicum II (3cr.)
   •  ADS715 Counseling and Psychological Services and Addiction Studies Practicum Completion (0cr.)

African Studies (Masters)

   •  AFST506 Field Research Principles and Practice (Foundational) (1cr.)
   •  AFST508 Field Research Principles and Practice (Advanced) (1cr.)
   •  AFST510 African Culture: An Overview (4cr.)
   •  AFST515 Introduction to Islam in Eastern Africa (4cr.)
   •  AFST520 Justice and Peace in East Africa (4cr.)
   •  AFST524 African Marriage and Family: Challenge and Change (4cr.)
   •  AFST526 Contemporary Political and Economic Realities in Kenya (4cr.)
   •  AFST528 Sage Philosophy: The Root of African Philosophy and Religion (4cr.)
   •  AFST530 African Traditional Religion: Major Beliefs, Practices, & Contemporary Forms (4cr.)
   •  AFST532 Spirituality, Personhood, and Psychotherapy in an African Context (4cr.)
   •  AFST538 Missions in Africa Today: Methods, Concepts, Practices, and Challenges (4cr.)
   •  AFST540 African Christian Theology: Historical and Systematic Development (4cr.)
   •  AFST542 African Feminist Theology: A Source for African Christian Theology (4cr.)
   •  AFST544 Towards the Inculturation of Religious Community Life in Africa (4cr.)
   •  AFST546 African Traditional Religion Interprets the Bible (4cr.)
   •  AFST548 African Independent Churches: Authentic Integration or Separation from Christianity (4cr.)
   •  AFST550 Gospel and Culture: The African Experience (4cr.)
   •  AFST552 Moral Teachings and Practices of African Traditional Religion (4cr.)
   •  AFST570 Introduction to East African Literature: Focus on Religious Conflicts (4cr.)
   •  AFST572 Introduction to East African Art (4cr.)
   •  AFST580 Ideology & Practice of Health Ministry in Contemporary Africa (4cr.)
   •  AFST584 Church in Contemporary Africa: Its Political, Social, and Economic Situation (4cr.)
   •  AFST586 Sociology of Development/Underdevelopment and African Religion (4cr.)
   •  AFST590 Thesis (6cr.)
   •  AFST592 Essay (2cr.)

Arts & Cultural Management (Masters)

   •  ACM600 Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3cr.)
   •  ACM605 Cultural Workplace Dynamics (3cr.)
   •  ACM610 Cultural Studies (3cr.)
   •  ACM615 Cultural Policy and Leadership (3cr.)
   •  ACM620 Communications for Cultural Managers (3cr.)
   •  ACM625 Cultural Programming & Evaluation (3cr.)
   •  ACM630 Fund Development (3cr.)
   •  ACM635 Ethics and Arts Law (3cr.)
   •  ACM645 Marketing for Nonprofits (3cr.)
   •  ACM650 Arts Education (3cr.)
   •  ACM655 Arts and Community Development (3cr.)
   •  ACM660 Nonprofit Financial Management (3cr.)
   •  ACM680/681 Residency/Capstone Progression (3cr.)
   •  ACM690 Capstone Seminar (3cr.)

Business Administration (Bachelors)

   •  BUxxx Elective Choices (cr.)
   •  BU300 Accounting Principles (3cr.)
   •  BU400 Business Law (3cr.)
   •  BU403 Applied Business Statistics (3cr.)
   •  BU407 Financial Management (3cr.)
   •  BU490 Strategic Management Capstone (3cr.)
   •  BU/BIXXX Elective Choices (each 3cr.)
   •  BU/HRXXX Elective Choices (each 3cr.)
   •  BU/MKXXX Elective Choices (each 3cr.)
   •  MG311 Economics for Managers (3cr.)

Business Administration (Masters)

   •  MBA505 Special Topics: Project Planning (1cr.)
   •  MBA506 Special Topics: Project Scheduling (1cr.)
   •  MBA507 Special Topics: Quality Management (1cr.)
   •  MBA508 Special Topics: Risk Management (1cr.)
   •  MBA509 Special Topics: International Development (1cr.)
   •  MBA516 Special Topics: Financial Markets and Institutions (1cr.)
   •  MBA518 Special Topics: Healthcare Policy (1cr.)
   •  MBA519 Special Topics: Healthcare Systems (1cr.)
   •  MBA521 Special Topics: Benefits and Compensation (1cr.)
   •  MBA522 Special Topics: Employment Law (1cr.)
   •  MBA523 Special Topics: Consumer Behavior (1cr.)

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