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2023-2024 SGPP Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-2024 SGPP Catalog and Student Handbook

Undergraduate College Programs in Winona


At the coeducational, residential Winona campus, located in the scenic bluffs of the Mississippi River Valley, the undergraduate College curriculum combines traditional liberal arts and sciences with career preparation in a student-centered environment.

For information referring to “the College”, which offers the four-year bachelors of arts program, pre-professional programs and the co-curricular undergraduate experience in a residential setting on the Winona campus, contact:

700 Terrace Heights
Winona MN 55987-1399
(800) 635-5987 toll-free

Bachelor of Arts Programs



Biology Health Sciences Major, B.A.

Biology Major: General Biology Track, B.A.

Biology Major: Life Science Track, B.A.

Biology Major: Pre-Medical Professions Track, B.A.

Biology Pre-Laboratory Science Major, B.A.

Biology Pre-Medical Imaging Major, B.A.

Biology Pre-Physical Therapy Major, B.A.

Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies, B.A.

Environmental Biology and Conservation Major, B.A.


Biology Minor

Environmental Biology Minor

Natural Resources Management Minor

Zoology Minor


Pre-Health Professions

Business and Communication


Accounting Major, B.A.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Major, B.A.

Finance Major, B.A.

Healthcare Management Major; BA

International Business Major, B.A.

Management Major, B.A.

Marketing Major, B.A.

Public Relations and Digital Media Major; BA

Sport Management Major, B.A.


Accounting Minor

Business Analytics Minor

Business Minor

Entrepreneurship Minor

Healthcare Management Minor

Leadership Minor

Public Relations and Digital Media Minor; BA

Sport Management Minor



Biochemistry Major, B.A.

Chemistry Major, B.A.


Chemistry Minor



Educational Studies (a non-licensure major): Child and Family Contexts, B.A.

Educational Studies (a non-licensure major): Youth Development and Leadership, B.A.

Elementary Education Major (K-6), B.A.

Elementary Education Major: Communication Arts and Literature Endorsement for Grades 5–8, B.A.

Elementary Education Major: General Science Endorsement for Grades 5–8, B.A.

Elementary Education Major: Mathematics Endorsement for Grades 5–8, B.A.

Elementary Education Major: Social Studies Endorsement for Grades 5–8, B.A.

Elementary Education Major: World Language and Culture: Spanish Endorsement for Grades K–8, B.A.

Secondary Education Grades 5–12 & K–12, B.A.

Fine and Performing Arts


Art: Art Studio Track, B.A.

Art: Graphic Design Track, B.A.

Music Industry: Music Business Track, B.A.

Music Industry: Music Entrepreneurship Track, B.A.

Music Industry: Music Production Track, B.A.

Music: Classroom and Instrumental Education Track, B.A.

Music: Classroom and Vocal Education Track, B.A.

Music: General Track, B.A.

Music: Performance Track, B.A.

Theatre: Acting/Directing Track, B.A.

Theatre: Dance Track, B.A.

Theatre: Design/Technology Track, B.A.

Theatre: Musical Theatre Track, B.A.

Theatre: Theatre Studies Track, B.A.


Art Minor

Dance Minor

Graphic Design Minor

Music Minor

Musical Theatre Minor

Theatre Minor

Health Humanities


Health Humanities Major; B.A.


Health Humanities Minor

Integratus: The Integrated General Education Program


Integratus Creativity and Inquiry Minor

Integratus Environmental Sustainability Minor

Integratus Global Diversity and Social Justice Minor

Integratus Lasallian Honors Program

Integratus: Self, Society, and the Sacred Minor

International Studies

Study Abroad Program

London Program, LUCE Rome, Italy Program & Affiliated Programs

Language, Literature, and Culture


English Major: Literature Track, B.A.

English Major: Writing Track, B.A.

History Major, B.A.

History Major: Social Studies Track, B.A.

Spanish, B.A.


English for Business Professions Minor

English Minor

History Minor

Spanish Minor

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics


Actuarial Science Major, B.A.

Computer Science Major: Cybersecurity Track, B.A.

Computer Science Major: Data Analytics Track, B.A.

Computer Science Major: Management Information Systems Track, B.A.

Computer Science Major: Software Design Track, B.A.

Mathematics Major, B.A.

Mathematics Major: Mathematics Education Track, B.A.


Computer Science Minor

Mathematics Minor

Physics Minor

Recreational Mathematics Minor

Scientific Computing Minor

Statistics Minor



Nursing: Pre-Licensure

Pre-Professional Studies


Pre-Medical School Preparation

Pre-Theology Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary

Psychology and Social Sciences


Criminal Justice Major: Corrections Track, B.A.

Criminal Justice Major: Law Enforcement Track, B.A.

Human Services Major, B.A.

Psychology Major, B.A.


Criminal Justice Minor

Political Science Minor

Psychology Minor

Sociology Minor

Theology and Philosophy


IHM Seminary Philosophy Major, B.A.

Philosophy Major

Theology Major with concentration in Pastoral and Youth Ministry; BA

Theology Major, B.A.


Philosophy Minor

Theology Minor