Mar 21, 2019  
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDD840 Creativity and Innovation (3 cr.)

Prerequisite(s): EDD809 , EDD820  
This course examines creativity and innovation from a scientific perspective.  Topics include the varying definitions of these phenomena, the process of how they occur, the examination of eminent cases, the application to real-world situations, and strategies for assessment.

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Evaluate the varying definitions of creativity and innovation.
  2. Understand key concepts from the creativity and innovation literature.
  3. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate scientific perspectives on creativity and innovation.
  4. Apply scientific theories and models of creativity and innovation on personal, organizational, and societal levels.
  5. Evaluate the importance of creativity and innovation in context.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate research writing style (APA).

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