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2018-2019 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2018-2019 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HHSM490 Allied Healthcare Capstone (3 cr.)

Prerequisite(s): All  academic requirements of the student’s program major.  This course is taken in the student’s last semester before graduation.  All general education requirements must be fulfilled.
This capstone course integrates knowledge and skills developed in previous courses and provide an opportunity to apply them to a selected topic in an area of interest. Students select a topic currently confronting the field of study or profession, clearly define the topic using appropriate references and resources, and write and present their comprehensive project.

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the ethical implications related to the selected topic.
  3. Develop strategies for continuing education and competence in their profession.
  4. Communicate using inclusive methods in a variety of modes.
  5. Identify management principles relevant to their selected topic.
  6. Address diversity as it relates to the selected topic.
  7. Identify relevant resources within the related field of study.
  8. Recognize and describe trends where applicable.
  9. Address the laws, rules, regulations, and policies relevant to the topic

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