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2022-2023 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business and Communication

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Dean Beckman, M.S., Chair

Business majors at Saint Mary’s University combine course work in the theory and practice of business with studies in the liberal arts. The study of business, when coupled with liberal arts, provides students with a broad educational foundation from which to enter a rapidly changing business environment. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has received specialized accreditation for its business and business-related programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE); (11374 Strang Line Road, Lenexa, Kansas 66215. Telephone (913) 631-3009; www.iacbe.org). The degree programs accredited by the IACBE are the bachelor of arts degree with majors in accounting, business intelligence and analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, marketing, and sport management.

Communication houses the majors of Public Relations and Digital Media, along with minors in Public Relations and Digital Media, and Leadership. Students study and implement the conveying of information, ideas, and opinions in written, oral, online, and multimedia formats. The department helps students build practical skills needed for today’s professional communication and media environments, and emphasizes the importance of communication theories, ethics, and critical analysis in communication messages from companies, organizations and the media.

General Department Goals

For Business majors students develop an ethical approach to life and business practices, and the following skills necessary for effective business practices:

  • Analytical and quantitative decision-making
  • Qualitative problem solving
  • Written and oral communication
  • Human interaction skills

For Communicaiton majors students will meet the following general learning goals:

  • Describe the essential nature of communication as a field of study and recognize its significance in interpreting human behavior.
  • Demonstrate foundational skills in academic and professional research, writing, analysis, and presentation.
  • Demonstrate the ability, through practice and performance, to clearly and effectively utilize communication technologies and express messages through multiple media.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various theories, cases, and best practices, and how to apply critical thinking to an array of ethical dilemmas.
  • Demonstrate the extension and appreciation of the skills and knowledge acquired from their studies during internships, careers, or in the continuation of their education. 


Business Core Curriculum:

All business majors must complete a common set of business core courses as part of their major. The business core curriculum introduces students to a variety of important functional areas including accounting, marketing, management, economics, finance, mathematics, business law and the international business environment. Basic knowledge in each of the core areas is considered essential to a broad-based business education. 




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