Nov 19, 2018  
2017-2018 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Lasallian Honors Program

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Natural Scientific Systems (NS)

Students completing the Lasallian Core Traditions Program must complete two of the following courses; at least one course must have a lab.

Students completing the Lasallian Honors Program must complete one of the following courses and lab.


Please Note:

The Natural Scientific Systems general education requirement will be met only when both the lecture and laboratory courses of a lecture/laboratory pair are completed.  Passing only the lecture portion of the lecture/laboratory pair does not satisfy a non-laboratory science requirement.  Passing only the laboratory portion of the lecture/laboratory pair does not satisfy a laboratory science requirement.

Skills Requirements

Initial Requirements in Mathematics

Students must complete M100  Elementary Mathematical Ideas or M102  Intermediate Algebra with a passing grade, or score at least 70% on the intermediate algebra placement test, or score a minimum of 21 on the math section of the ACT or 500 on the math section of the SAT; to be completed in first year

Writing Requirement

  • A sequence of three writing courses is required:  a first year writing course (E120  or E220 , depending on placement); a lower-division writing-intensive course (usually LCT225 , LH155 , or LH205 ); and an upper-division writing-intesive course, usually in the major.
  • Students whose initial writing placement is E105  Writing Skills must successfully complete E105  prior to beginning E120  English Composition.
  • E120  or E220  should be competed in the first-year.
  • Students who bring in AP, CLEP or transfer credits for a course equivalent to E120  prior to their matriculation at Saint Mary’s University may use that course for their first year writing course, even if they are placed into E220 

The following lower division courses are

The following lower-division courses are coded as writing-intensive and fulfill the second part of the writing requirement:

Please note:

All students who are placed in E220  who do not have a course to fulfill a lower-division writing course prior to matriculation must take either E220  at Saint Mary’s University or transfer-in an equivalent course.  This transfer course must receive prior approval from the dean of student success.

Oral Communication Requirement

Complete two courses coded for oral communication, either:

Critical-Thinking Requirement

  • The Critical-Thinking Requirement is satisfied within the major.

Problem-Solving Requirement

  • The Problem-Solving Requirement is satisfied with the Quantitative Systems course.

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