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2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SMU London Program & Other Affiliated Programs

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London, England

This 12-week fall semester program is open to all majors and is located in London, one of the great cultural centers of the world. Many classes are a combination of lectures and guided field trips. Theatre students participate in the London semester through the Stefannié Valéncia Kierlin Theatre Program. Students live in apartment-style housing during their stay in London.

The following courses are also offered

Course descriptions are available under the corresponding department.

Affiliated Programs

Transcript Policy

Students enrolled at Saint Mary’s who are attending an approved affiliated study abroad program have all courses transcripted as SMU courses. The list of approved affiliated programs is available in the study abroad office. Courses from approved affiliated programs are transcripted using a department identification code that connects each course to the affiliated program.

Restriction of Institutional Aid

Students enrolled at Saint Mary’s and attending an approved affiliated study abroad program are restricted in the type and amount of institutional aid they can apply to program costs. Please contact the director of study abroad to discuss program fees and financial aid implications.

Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish studies provides students with a true cross-cultural exchange by inviting them to expand their world-view through quality cultural and language immersion programs. Spanish studies offers semester-long and summer programs in Alicante, Barcelona, and Seville, Spain, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Córdoba, Argentina, and Havana, Cuba. Spanish language proficiency requirements vary depending on the program.

Alicante, Spain (fall, spring or summer semesters): Spanish studies abroad students in Alicante study onsite at Universidad de Alicante. Through university coursework, homestays with native families and multiple cross-cultural opportunities, students find Spanish studies in Alicante to be a highly immerse and integrated study abroad experience.

Barcelona, Spain (fall, spring or summer semesters): While studying with Spanish studies abroad, students will be enrolled in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) located in the urban center of Barcelona. Students will be immersed in both Spanish and Catalán language and culture. Courses at UPF are taught in English, Spanish or Catalán.

Seville, Spain (fall, spring or summer semesters): Since 1969, the Spanish Studies Abroad Seville program has maintained a strong dedication to academic integrity and an emphasis on the personal growth of the student. Some features of the program include: a wide variety of course offerings; native Spanish professors; internships, volunteer and community service opportunities; all-inclusive day and overnight study trips; and monthly cultural events at the Center for American and Spanish students.

San Juan, Puerto Rico (fall, spring or summer semesters): Spanish Studies Abroad offers the opportunity for students to study and live at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon (USC) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Students will be immersed in Puerto Rican and Caribbean culture and take courses in a variety of subjects including Spanish language, business and humanities.

Cordoba, Argentina (fall, spring or summer semesters): Spanish Studies Abroad, in cooperation with Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), offers a unique opportunity for students. A variety of cultural activities, study visits and unique work experiences are designed to fully integrate students into the daily life of Argentina.

Havana, Cuba (fall, spring or summer semesters): This language immersion program offers students the opportunity to study at the Universidad de la Habana, Cuba’s principal and oldest university.  Students get an opportunity to study and live in the Caribbean’s largest and most vibrant city.  Homes stays, community service opportunities, cultural visits, and overnight excursions are included.

Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis (CIMBA)

Paderno del Grappa, Italy (fall, spring or summer semesters): The 12-week semester program offers undergraduate students the experience of learning abroad while taking a variety of high-quality courses in business, economics, communication studies, journalism and Italian. Courses are taught in English and emphasize current international trends. CIMBA, which espouses a distinctive program philosophy that combines traditional classroom teaching with mentoring and experiential learning activities to help develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, is affiliated with the University of Iowa. A 4-week summer program is also available.

Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)

HECUA is an organization of 20 liberal arts colleges, universities and associations dedicated to education for social justice. It provides off-campus study programs that address the most pressing issues in our neighborhoods, nations and world. Overseas study opportunities are available in Northern Ireland, Ecuador, Norway and Poland. Students, faculty and practitioners engage in learning that generates knowledge and tools for social transformation and community building.

Community Internships in Latin America Quito, Ecuador (fall or spring semesters): Models of community participation, organization, development and social change are compared and contrasted. The program addresses the current issues of globalization, ecology, politics, migration and more. All lectures, discussions and internships are conducted entirely in Spanish. Students also stay with homestay families.

New Zealand Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future Auckland, New Zealand (fall semester): The program examines how social and environmental factors are shaping political and ecological dimensions of identity and culture, and how New Zealanders from different backgrounds are envisioning and creating a shared future. Courses include topics on Maori perspectives, pluralism, national identity, sustainability and environmental policy.

Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland Coleraine, Belfast, and Derry, Northern Ireland (fall or spring semesters): Students examine the historical, political and religious roots of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the prospects for peace and the progress being made. Learning occurs through readings, lectures, discussions, internships, group study projects and field experiences that invite interaction with people involved in social change.

The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging Oslo, Norway (fall semester): Students gain a deep understanding of contemporary Scandinavia. Three interrelated seminars give students an understanding of how the welfare state works in the context of a social democracy facing challenges posed by immigration, globalization and European integration. Electives are also available in Norwegian language and Scandinavian art, film and literature.

The Lasallian International Programs Consortium

Saint Mary’s is a member of LIPC, which is composed of the six U.S. Lasallian colleges and universities, for the purpose of creating and managing quality educational programs throughout the world for students of member institutions. The consortium has a variety of programs that offer a diverse curriculum, institutional environment and program experience. Saint Mary’s students can attend LIPC program in Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Africa and Spain.

SAI–Florence University of the Arts

Florence, Italy (fall, spring or summer semesters): Students study in Florence at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA) while living in apartment-style housing. The university is located in the city’s historic center, where students are surrounded by beautiful Renaissance art and architecture. With a population of 500,000, Florence offers all the excitement and amenities of a large city while its proximity to the Tuscan hills allows for trips to the Italian countryside. At the university students are able to take up to 15 credits, choosing from a wide selection of courses in the liberal arts, science, and business and economics. All students are required to enroll in Italian language courses as part of their program.

Student Teaching Abroad

Student teaching abroad opportunities are facilitated in collaboration with the School of Education. Saint Mary’s students may participate in student teaching abroad through Cultural Immersion Projects, a consortium facilitated by the University of Indiana. Through this organization, student teachers may be placed in a variety of countries including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Costa Rica for five-six weeks after completing a minimum of 10 weeks of student teaching in the Winona area. Students teach in the curriculum that follows the national model of the country chosen. There are no foreign-language proficiency requirements for most locations.

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Short-term faculty-led programs are less than an academic semester in length and are arranged and offered for academic credit by Saint Mary’s University under the direction of a faculty member. A variety of short-term study abroad programs may be offered in the fall, spring or summer semesters each year. Short-term programs will include a course taught by SMU faculty and a travel in a country or region of the world related to the course material. Travel will typically take place after a semester in January or May/June and have a length of 10 days to three weeks. Program length, cost and eligibility may differ by program. Short-term study abroad programs are ideal for students who may not be able to spend a full semester abroad, but still want to enhance their academic experience by studying outside the United States.

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