Mar 31, 2023  
2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Education Major, B.A.

(minimum of 27 upper-division Spanish credits + education course work)

The modern/classical languages department cooperates with the School of Education by offering courses required for secondary education in Spanish. Although students may enter the program of study for a Spanish education major at any level, only 300 and 400 level courses count toward a Spanish major. Please note: course work leading to teaching certification may be reconfigured for this area of study. Licensure requirements are subject to change; therefore, students considering teaching in this area should be in continuous contact with the chair of this program and the School of Education for a list of required courses.

D. Additional 300 and 400 level courses to complete a minimum of 27 credits

  • (if not used to meet C or D above)

E. Required education coursework

F. Study abroad or significant domestic experience in a Spanish language environment.

At least one semester of study abroad is strongly suggested any time after completion of SP202.  All 300+ level study abroad courses taught in Spanish through Spanish Studies Abroad, HECUA or Saint Mary’s University will count toward the major.  Study abroad courses taught in Spanish through other programs will count toward the major with approval of the department chair.