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2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Education Major: Classroom and Instrumental Track, B.A.

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(68–70 credits + education course work)
Janet Heukeshoven, D.M.A., Program Coordinator

This program is designed to meet the needs of students who plan for a career in music teaching in the public or private schools. This comprehensive degree program meets the State of Minnesota licensure requirements for the music education K–12 classroom and vocal music, or the K–12 classroom and instrumental music areas. Please be advised that meeting the requirements of both the music major and education requirements for licensure may take more than four years unless students enter the program with advanced placement or transfer credits.

Contact the program director if you are interested in the fiveyear combined degree program with the M.A. in instruction for licensure completion. The five-year combined degree program delays School of Education courses until the fifth year, allowing the music student to focus on developing his/her own personal musicianship and complete the music education methods courses prior to enrolling in the M.A.I. program. Highly motivated students with strengths in both vocal and instrumental music may wish to complete a double (vocal and instrumental) licensure program. This is possible through either the B.A. or M.A. licensure program requirements.

Teaching licensure requirements are subject to change; therefore, students considering teaching in this area should be in continuous contact with the music education program coordinator and the School of Education for any curricular updates that may be required by the Minnesota Department of Education.

B. Performance Studies:

(11–14 credits)

  • Applied Lessons: minimum of seven semesters of private lessons taken for credit on a major instrument or voice.
  • Ensembles: minimum of seven semesters of participation in one or more vocal or instrumental ensembles.

D. Recital Requirement:

F. Dance requirement:

  • Complete a minimum of one semester of dance, including but not limited to ballet, tap, jazz or Irish dance. (Also counts as general education PE requirement).

G. The following:

  • (or applied voice lessons for one semester or demonstrate proficiency)

H. Improvisation:

  • Participation in a jazz ensemble, jazz combo, or World Drum Ensemble for a minimum of one semester.

I. Marching band experience

  • Must be completed prior to licensure application. This may be done in conjunction with a Winona regional or hometown high school; 20 hours minimum observing and assisting with marching band rehearsals is required or completion of a summer workshop on marching band techniques.

J. Music Electives:

  • When possible according to student schedule and credit load: courses that fit student’s specific career goals such as Advanced Conducting, Composition, Jazz History, secondary instrument applied lessons, etc.

K. Required School of Education course work:

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