Mar 20, 2023  
2020-2021 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2020-2021 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching and Learning, M.Ed. - Jamaica

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The Teaching and Learning, M.Ed. - Jamaica program is no longer accepting new students.

Program Description

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program in Jamaica is designed for practicing teachers and education professionals who want to earn a master’s degree while supported and instructed by a team of experienced facilitators in a learning community. The 36-credit program allows educators to identify, investigate, and transform their teaching and learning. Learners will connect inquiry to their discipline and apply their learning directly to their own educational setting.

M.Ed. learners explore aspects of teacher identity and examine best practices and theory as part of individual, community, and program-wide learning experiences.

Program Outcomes

By the end of the Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program graduates are expected to be

  1. self-aware individuals, understanding the influence of unique talents, personalities, perspectives, biases, and experiences;
  2. reflective practitioners, integrating metacognition and coaching thinking into practice;
  3. scholarly educators, understanding and negotiating the complexities of teaching and learning;
  4. designers, approaching design with intention;
  5. collaborators, utilizing various skills that foster positive interdependent relationships;
  6. inquirers, leading with curiosity, being open to wonder and ambiguity; and leaders, validating and embracing the role as teacher leaders.

Program Structure and Delivery

The M.Ed. program requires learning community members to complete 36 credits, 30 core credits plus 6 elective credits. 

Courses that count toward the M.Ed. degree are offered at the Catholic College of Mandeville, meeting one weekend a month. Two program wide conferences, one in the fall and one in the spring, allow for an intentional focus on the action research process. The weekend conferences are part of the community learning experience as they allow learners to engage in dialogue and networking beyond the individual learning community.

Courses in the program are delivered in a traditional format, allowing for integration of face-to-face classroom meetings and between weekend reflective practice activities.  Individuals who possess the following skills benefit most from the M.Ed program: an openness toward collaboration and a willingness to work with others, good time management, the ability to work independently, strong written communication, and the willingness to work with technology.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses 30 cr.
Elective Courses 6 cr.
Total 36 cr.


Application Process

Applicants applying for the program offered in Jamaica must submit the following:

  1. Completed application form with the nonrefundable application fee (fee not required for alumni or students seeking readmission or veterans and active military personnel), and
  2. Official Transcripts - An official transcript issued to the Catholic College of Mandeville from the institution posting the applicant’s completed bachelor’s degree and other relevant transcripts documenting potential transfer credits. (An official transcript is one that is sent to the Catholic College of Mandeville by the credit-granting institution and must be deemed by Saint Mary’s University to be equivalent to accredited U.S. university standards). Applicants to the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning Jamaica program are not required to complete an English language proficiency exam due to the partnership with the Catholic College of Mandeville.
  3. Personal Statement - A one-two page personal statement which includes the following:

a.  A brief description of the applicant’s background, training, and experience

b.  A statement indicating the career goals of the applicant and their reasons for seeking admission to the program

c.  A description of the area(s) which the applicant considers to be their strengths and areas in which the applicant wishes to develop greater strengths and abilities

d.  Personal information the applicant wishes to share

  1. Two letters of recommendation that verify professional and/or volunteer experience and academic ability; and
  2. A current résumé listing educational background and work experience.

Application materials should be sent to:

Catholic College of Mandeville
Attn: M.Ed. Program
Mandeville, Manchester
Jamaica, West Indies

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