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2022-2023 Winona Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Winona Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Integratus Creativity and Inquiry Minor

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This interdisciplinary minor examines the processes through which humans ask questions, formulate ideas, imagine possibilities, construct knowledge, experiment, design, create, discover, and innovate.  Through study of ground-breaking inventions and paradigm-shifting discoveries in the sciences; of historical and cultural shifts in our attitudes toward technology, industry, artistry, and authority; and of the artistic expressions and performances that both reflect and contest our cultures, students will consider what motivates us to learn, to explore, and to create; what we consider knowledge and why; what tools we use to problem-solve; and what processes we engage as we reflect on the implications of our inventions.  The combination of courses included in this minor thus allows students to explore, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, both the theory and practice behind human inquiry and creative endeavors.


Of the 24 credits of disciplinary distribution required for graduation, at least 18 credits must be taken from the following list of courses to complete this Integratus Minor.  Of these 18 credits, at least 9 credits must be upper-division courses numbered 300 and above.

The following courses contribute to the Integratus Creativity and Inquiry Minor:

E. Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences (6-8 credits)

A laboratory experience must be completed.  The laboratory experience can be fulfilled either by taking a course with an attached laboratory, or by taking the laboratory experience separately.

Two of the following:

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