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2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook 
2017-2018 SGPP Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


De Lasalle Language Institute

   •  ELB602 Advanced Academic Reading and Writing (3cr.)

Director Special Education (Specialist)

   •  EDS702 Educational Administration Out-of-State Qualification for K-12 Principal or EDS (3cr.)

Education (Masters)

   •  EDMA600 Orientation Session (0cr.)
   •  EDMA602 Seminar II: Transforming Learning into Action (1cr.)
   •  EDMA603 Summative Presentation (0cr.)
   •  EDMA604 Reflection and Resiliency (3cr.)
   •  EDMA610 Child Growth and Development (3cr.)
   •  EDMA612 Engaging Learning Environment (3cr.)
   •  EDMA614 Communication and Collaboration (3cr.)
   •  EDMA620 Curriculum Design (3cr.)
   •  EDMA622 Assessment and Evaluation (3cr.)
   •  EDMA624 Effective Instruction (3cr.)
   •  EDMA630 Educational Research (3cr.)
   •  EDMA632 Ethics and Law (3cr.)
   •  EDMA634 Action Research Project (3cr.)
   •  EDMA637 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum (3cr.)

Education Learning Design and Technology

   •  LDT600 Inquiry and Information (3cr.)
   •  LDT602 Investigations of Learning and Teaching (3cr.)
   •  LDT610 Dispositions and Mindsets (3cr.)
   •  LDT612 How Learning Occurs (3cr.)
   •  LDT620 Designs for Learning (3cr.)
   •  LDT622 Personalizing Learning with Digital Technology (3cr.)
   •  LDT630 Interdependence and the Collective Advantage (3cr.)
   •  LDT632 The Networked Global Community (3cr.)
   •  LDT640 Rethinking Education (3cr.)
   •  LDT642 Advocacy and Sustainability (3cr.)

Education - Wisconsin (Masters)

   •  EDUW690 The Process of Education (1cr.)
   •  EDUW691 Professional Skills Development (4cr.)
   •  EDUW692 Technology and Communication (4cr.)
   •  EDUW693 Instructional Design and Assessment (4cr.)
   •  EDUW694 The Classroom Environment (3cr.)
   •  EDUW695 Ethics and Issues in Education (3cr.)
   •  EDUW696 Portfolio Production and Presentation (1cr.)

Education Leadership (Doctorate)

   •  EDD800 Student Orientation (0cr.)
   •  EDD802 Leadership Theory (3cr.)
   •  EDD805 Ethical Dimensions in Organizational Leadership (3cr.)
   •  EDD809 Advanced Research Writing (3cr.)
   •  EDD810 Communication In Adult Learning Settings (3cr.)
   •  EDD811 Theories of Adult Learning (3cr.)
   •  EDD812 Advanced Teaching Techniques for Adult Learners (3cr.)
   •  EDD813 Systematic Instructional Design (3cr.)
   •  EDD814 Assessment: Theory and Practice (3cr.)
   •  EDD816 Seminar: Topics in Education (3cr.)
   •  EDD818 Knowledge Development: Theory, Formats, and Applications (3cr.)
   •  EDD820 Introduction to Research (3cr.)
   •  EDD821 Techniques for Research (3cr.)
   •  EDD822 Qualitative Research Design and Methods (3cr.)
   •  EDD823 Quantitative Research Design and Methods (3cr.)
   •  EDD824 Leadership in Literature (3cr.)
   •  EDD826 Non-Western Cultural Thought: An Ethnographic Approach to Research and Leadership (3cr.)
   •  EDD830 Dissertation (12cr.)
   •  EDD840 Creativity and Innovation (3cr.)
   •  EDD850 Social Justice in a Global World (3cr.)
   •  EDD851 Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Higher Education (3cr.)
   •  EDD852 Policy and Politics in Higher Education (3cr.)
   •  EDD853 Development and Evaluation of Postsecondary Education (3cr.)
   •  EDD854 Organizational Learning (3cr.)
   •  EDD855 Organization Development (3cr.)
   •  EDD856 Organizational Effectiveness (3cr.)
   •  EDD871 Archival Research Methods (3cr.)
   •  EDD872 Leading Multi-Faith Lasallian Communities (3cr.)
   •  EDD873 Association for Mission (3cr.)
   •  EDD874 Lasallian Leadership Traditions (3cr.)
   •  EDD899 Comprehensive Examination (1cr.)
   •  EDD900 Dissertation Defense (0cr.)

Educational Administration (Specialist)

   •  EDS691 Alternate Pathway Prerequisite (1cr.)
   •  EDS692 Alternate Pathway Prerequisite (1cr.)
   •  EDS693 Alternate Pathway Prerequisite (1cr.)
   •  EDS694 Alternate Pathway Prerequisite (1cr.)
   •  EDS701 Orientation and Assessment (0cr.)
   •  EDS706 Student Assessment and Program Evaluation (2cr.)
   •  EDS710 Leadership Theory (3cr.)
   •  EDS716 Leadership for Teaching and Learning (2cr.)
   •  EDS720 Organization and Human Resource Management (2cr.)
   •  EDS731 Shaping an Inclusive School Culture (3cr.)
   •  EDS735 Student Management (2cr.)
   •  EDS740 Ethical Issues for Administrators (3cr.)
   •  EDS741 Financial Management (3cr.)
   •  EDS742 Legal Issues in Education (3cr.)
   •  EDS750 Principal as Building Leader (3cr.)
   •  EDS756 Principal Field Experience I (1cr.)
   •  EDS757 Principal Field Experience II (1cr.)
   •  EDS758 Principal Field Experience III (1cr.)
   •  EDS759 Principal Seminar (0cr.)
   •  EDS760 The Superintendency (3cr.)
   •  EDS761 Superintendent Field Experience I (1cr.)
   •  EDS762 Superintendent Field Experience II (1cr.)
   •  EDS763 Superintendent Field Experience III (1cr.)
   •  EDS772 Resource Allocation for Special Education Directors (3cr.)
   •  EDS773 Legal Issues in Special Education (3cr.)
   •  EDS775 Exit Assessment Meeting (0cr.)
   •  EDS776 Exit Assessment Meeting (0cr.)
   •  EDS777 Exit Assessment Meeting (0cr.)
   •  EDS780 Advanced Action Research (3cr.)
   •  EDS791 Director of Special Education Field Experience I (1cr.)
   •  EDS792 Director of Special Education Field Experience II (1cr.)
   •  EDS793 Director of Special Education Field Experience III (1cr.)
   •  EDS794 Director of Special Education Seminar (0cr.)
   •  EDS795 The Special Education Director (3cr.)
   •  EDS798 Advanced Action Research Seminar (3cr.)

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